Extend your productivity beyond your office.

In today’s business reality, the workday is no longer confined to a cubicle or a 9-to-5 clock. Whether in the office, at home or on the road, you and your employees need anywhere, anytime access to critical files, applications, content and data to stay productive, efficient and competitive. With limited in-house IT resources, how do you keep your people connected to the applications and content they need — wherever they may be working?


The simple, affordable, reliable solution is eCloud Integration. We connect small to mid-sized businesses and their employees to their computing resources in the office as well as from any remote location — saving you time and money in IT requirements while improving the productivity and efficiency of your people. It’s called desktop virtualization, and it will revolutionize the way your people work at and away from the office.

Delivering the advantages of desktop virtualization.

eCloud Integration maximizes the competitive and cost-effective advantages of desktop virtualization, allowing you to:

  • Significantly reduce your IT-related costs
  • Secure and protect your sensitive data without compromise
  • Improve network and storage performance
  • Quickly and easily provision, manage and support desktops and applications, as well as who has access to them
  • Stay current with the latest applications and technology without a large investment
  • Plan for disaster recovery and ensure business continuity with continuous data backup
  • Reduce energy consumption and related costs
  • Perform administrative tasks with greater efficiency
  • Increase the useful life of your computers and hardware
  • Keep your employees productive even when they’re away from the office

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Anywhere, Anytime Desktop Access

eCloud Integration delivers the competitive benefits of desktop virtualization to increase efficiency, improve productivity, prepare for disaster recovery and reduce costs. Learn more about our services.


How Desktop Virtualization Works

Desktop virtualization allows your employees at the office as well as in remote locations to access their personalized desktops including applications, from any computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone or thin client. See how our technology works.


Why eCloud Integration?

eCloud Integration brings over 30 years of IT experience, and has invested extensive resources in developing an ultra-secure, high-performance virtual desktop solution for one of the lowest price points available. Learn more about eCloud.


What Will Desktop Virtualization Do For You?

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