We invest in technology so you don’t have to.


eCloud’s innovation and proprietary architecture is built from the latest technologies developed by virtualization market leaders including Microsoft, VMware, and Dell. As a Microsoft partner, we have invested significant resources into developing a cloud-based solution that delivers the competitive business benefits of virtualization at a very affordable price point. eCloud Integration hosts, centralizes, administers and manages desktop virtual machines (VMs) for your employees — allowing you to remain focused on managing and growing your business.



Data When You Need It

1. With an internet connection, your virtual desktop is accessible from any workstation in or away from the office. Your desktop will look and feel the same on any workstation. You can even run different versions of the same software on your desktop.

2. The same programs and applications can be installed and configured to work on any device, just as they do on your current desktop. Data can be synchronized to your office workstation and to the cloud.

3. Employees are provided a secure log-in to remotely access their personalized desktops and applications using their home computers, laptops, tablets and even smartphones. eCloud Integration supports any device and operating system, including PCs and Macs.

4. Employees provided with the proper credentials have the ability to install and use their own applications, based on their needs and preferences. So the virtual desktop delivers the same experience as a physical PC workstation, even when the user’s away from the office.

Secure and Protect


With eCloud desktop virtualization, you have complete control over which employee has the ability to access which virtual desktop and applications.

  • Authenticate every employee with a unique username and password. 

  • Employees can access their virtual desktops on any workstation using their credentials (username and password). 

  • An administrator, appointed by you or someone in your company with the proper authority, restricts the level of access and information employees have on their virtual desktops.  

  • Record logs enable the administrator to see who has accessed what, on which workstation and for how long.  

  • Only IP addresses that have been registered with the server are allowed access to that workstation — providing an added layer of control and security. 

  • Departments can be isolated by a firewall to protect sensitive data.

99.99% Uptime

With eCloud’s desktop virtualization, all your critical business data is instantly protected and backed-up in our secure datacenters. Implementing stringent security controls, our Tier 4 local and out-of-region datacenters use the latest server technology to store and protect your data, with:

  • Round-the-clock onsite monitoring, maintenance, antivirus and firewall protection
  • On-premise security guards, exterior security systems, key card entrance only, and 24 hour video surveillance
  • PCI security compliant infrastructure

This high level of protection, redundancy and security allows us to deliver 99.99% uptime for our virtualization clients.